How Bracelets Elevate Your Outfit

The power of style, lies within the finer details. To stand out, you must go the extra step. Everybody can get dressed in the morning, and many know how to put together simple outfits in which they call 'style'. However style is truly formed when you push the boundaries, wear accessories many don't, and most importantly... wear it with confidence! 

The power a bracelet can have on an outfit is simply incredible. Taking you from the average chap in the crowd to the one everybody looks up to. C'mon, you know what we're talking about... That one guy who's style always seems to be on point and looks as if he knows what he's doing. Well, he understands the power of simplicity. He understands how little minor details (as everyone else views them) have the power to transform how you feel, and how others feel towards you.

Our vision at Distinctive Edge is to create a range of simple, masculine and elegant bracelets to suit every occasion you may have, from daily wear to the most exclusive events where you need to make an impression!