New Bracelet Combo... Introducing Electric!

We listened, we heard, we acted! At Distinctive Edge our passion lies within providing you as part of our family countless ways to boost your style. That is why we created our Electric combo for those of you who were asking for a modern, edgy combo which would make them more attractive! We truly believe that when you look good, you feel good. So why not make yourself feel, and look great instantly through putting on a few bracelets in the morning?
When creating this new bracelet combo, we dedicated our time and effort into pairing four of our bracelets together in order to create a bracelet stack for the modern edgy man who is fond of a leather jacket maybe? And one who likes a bad boy vibe! If we don't make sense... If you own a denim or leather jacket our Electric bracelet combo is a must have to make you look more attractive instantly!
We matched together chrome hardware across all four bracelets in order to keep a refined aesthetic to the bracelet combo. This highlights your true style and tells people you know what your doing. Our Electric combo is a way of life, a statement of who you are!