Summer Is Coming...

Okay, with warmer weather on the horizon it's time your style has an upgrade! 

No longer are the cold seasons going to allow you to forget about fashion, we see you! Throwing on the big jacket and beanie hat to cover the scruffy hair... well, don't worry. We're here to help!

As spring is on its way, let's ditch the heavy sweaters and opt for some t-shirts or even a sweatshirt. These are both super stylish and will keep you cool during the warmer weather! Also, we're sure you've been keeping an eye on the latest style trends... right? Okay, well if you haven't we'll help you out! 

Firstly, oversized is here and its here to stay! The days of skin tight trousers and muscle fit tops are leaving and the baggy hoodies and wide cut jeans are coming in. Trust us on this one!

Also... colours! What colours will be 'in' this spring/summer, we hear you ask? Well, pastels are making a big comeback! This is a trend that we can see taking over the fashion world as the warmer weather sets in. Pastel blue, pink, yellow... whatever it is, its sure to be pastel! 

Finally, we get it. T-shirt and shorts are dull. We know! How can you stand out when you look like everyone else? Well, that's why we began. Distinctive Edge is your home of elevating your style through the finer details. A bracelet can up your style... instantly! 

Grab your wrist companion today, it's waiting for you!