Our Story

Where it all began...


Distinctive Edge was founded in 2019 by teenager Callum... 
On a family holiday, Callum purchased a bracelet which he wore throughout his time away. Accompanying him, everywhere he went. To the beach, restaurants... you name it, it was on his wrist. However, after time he realised how much better he could have looked if he wore a bracelet designed for each occasion.
Upon a plane journey back to the UK, Callum had created a business. After a few hours of travelling 30,000 feet above ground, his mind had been deep in thought creating a business. The only problem, it was all in his head... a bracelet company, offering a range of bracelets designed with a specific occasion in mind. Helping people look their best, wherever they went! 

Within a few hours of touching down back in the UK. The laptop was open, and Distinctive Edge was born. 
After several months of research, design and development. Distinctive Edge launched in September 2019!